ICYMI: Yoder Wins Debate, Davids Refuses to Offer Specifics or Answer Tough Questions


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Overland Park, KS - Yesterday afternoon, after two months, six previous debates skipped by Sharice Davids, and nearly 100,000 votes already cast in the 2018 election, Kevin Yoder and Sharice Davids finally squared off in what is likely to be the only debate in this race. 


As noted by the Kansas City Star's Editorial Board in a recap, "Yoder, the four-term Republican incumbent, was the clear aggressor in the debate. He showed more of a mastery of policy details, while repeatedly criticizing Davids for vague answers and inconsistent positions on issues such as health care and immigration."


The Editorial Board continued, "There was more than a little truth in Yoder's criticisms. Davids had several opportunities to defend her views on important topics in the debate, yet did not do so."


These are the most important questions - among many - that remain unanswered by Sharice Davids:

1. Why did you say on a podcast in July that you would support abolishing or defunding ICE? 

2. Later on that same podcast, you agreed with commentary that our immigration system is rooted in white supremacy. Why did you agree with that type of incendiary rhetoric at that time and why won't you denounce it now? 

3. At a June candidate forum, you pledged to cosponsor and support HR 676, the Democrats' single payer legislation in Congress. Why won't you be honest with the voters about your support for that bill and explain why you think kicking every American off their health insurance and onto a European-style government system is better for their care? 

4. You've praised Nancy Pelosi as a "tremendous leader" of the Democratic Party and have accepted contributions from her in this campaign. Why won't you admit to the voters that you plan to cast your very first vote as a Member of Congress for Pelosi as Speaker. 


The bottom line is Sharice is not being honest with the voters of the Third District. It's up to members of the media to hold her accountable and get answers to these questions so the voters can make a fair assessment of the two candidates before casting their votes. 


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