Local Mayors Announce Support for Yoder's Re-Election


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Overland Park, KS- This morning, thirteen local mayors announced their support for Kevin Yoder for re-election to represent Kansas' Third District in Congress. The list spans across all three counties in the district, and quotes from each are provided below. 


Carl Gerlach - Mayor of Overland Park

"I'm proud to endorse Kevin because he is such a champion for families in Kansas. From supporting billions of dollars of increased education funding to fighting for our veterans, Kevin has always had our backs in Overland Park."


Jim Randall - Mayor Pro Tem of Olathe

"Kevin knows Olathe and the Third District.  He's been there for our city, our residents, our businesses, and our local charities.  Smaller states like Kansas need leaders like Kevin who have strong voices in DC."


Michelle Distler - Mayor of Shawnee

"Kevin has been very approachable, responsive, and attentive to our community's needs and has reliably helped us cut through D.C. bureaucracy to resolve issues for our residents. We are fortunate to have him working for us in Washington."


Michael Boehm - Mayor of Lenexa

"Kevin Yoder is a great representative for our community in Congress. He is responsive to the needs of our community and works hard to find solutions. Kevin Yoder is a problem solver, a friend, and advocate for Lenexa. I am proud to support him in his re-election."  


Peggy Dunn - Mayor of Leawood

"I am proud to support Representative Kevin Yoder because I greatly value his excellent leadership.  He is engaged with our community and is a terrific communicator, always listening to his constituents and striving to represent our priorities on matters about which we feel strongly."


Steve Shute - Mayor of Gardner

"Kevin is a strong conservative voice for our district in Washington. He's focused on getting the job done, growing our economy, securing our border, and supporting our troops. We've made a ton of progress on these issues over the last year and a half and we can't turn back now." 


Ken Sissom - Mayor of Merriam

"It is my pleasure to lend my support to Congressman Kevin Yoder's reelection campaign. He is a presence in our community and works hard to be a positive voice for all of us in Congress."


Jeff Harrington - Mayor of Bonner Springs

"I support Kevin Yoder because he prioritizes the needs of the Third District and our constituents above all else. We are lucky to have him represent us in Congress." 


Steven Ellis - Mayor of Spring Hill

"Congressman Yoder has been a strong supporter of our community.  Whether it is joining students at our schools to discuss government, joining us for community celebrations, or assisting constituents with pressing issues, Congressman Yoder is here for us.  It is my privilege to support the Congressman and the important work he has done and will continue to do on behalf of the Third District."


Rick Walker - Mayor of De Soto

"Congressman Yoder is plugged in to the needs of our community.  He listens, and he works to solve problems, putting his constituents ahead of politics. He's been a great voice for us in Congress on issues that are important to our community and we should absolutely send him back to continue working on our behalf."


Marty Southard - Mayor of Louisburg

"As someone who has dedicated my life to working with children and trying to ensure they have a better future, it's so important to me that we have a voice in Congress that puts such an emphasis on education. Congressman Yoder is a nationally recognized leader for his support for schools and it's one of the many reasons Louisburg and our entire district needs him in Washington." 


David Dickey - Mayor of Mission Hills

"I am happy to support Kevin's reelection efforts. He is a friend and advocate of our community who I have known since he ran for the Kansas House. We are fortunate to have him represent us in Washington and he is the right person for the job."


Donald Roberts - Mayor of Edgerton

"I am proud to endorse Kevin Yoder for US Congress.  Kevin has worked hard to insure that we are well represented. He listens, then champions legislation that has a positive effect on us here in Kansas. Kevin is a leader and strong voice for Edgerton and the rest of Kansas."


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