Yoder Agrees to Fourth Debate, Davids Remains Silent

Candidate Remains Under Fire in Media for Abolish ICE Controversy


Friday, September 7, 2018

Overland Park, KS - Today marks one full month since Sharice Davids became the Democratic nominee for Congress in Kansas' Third District, and one full month that she's ducked Kevin Yoder's proposal to debate the issues before November's election. 


Over a month ago, Yoder agreed to participate in three debates, one in Wyandotte, Johnson, and Miami Counties. This morning, Yoder has agreed to participate in a fourth debate, live in studio hosted and moderated by KMBC 9 News. Davids has agreed to zero. 


Instead she is refusing to debate and refusing repeated inquiries from the media. Why is she hiding?  


Davids has been under fire the last two weeks after being caught in a lie regarding her stance on abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 


Yesterday evening, the Associated Press declared in a fact check that Davids "did say that she favors ending ICE." 


The Kansas City Star first revealed Davids' appearance on the Millennial Politics Podcast in July, in which she not only advocates support for the abolish ICE movement, but goes further, calling for the removal of all immigration enforcement from the Department of Homeland Security. In the podcast, Davids also fails to push back against the notion that America has a "white supremacist immigration system" and that ICE exists solely to "arrest, detain, and deport people based on their race." 


In a subsequent television ad, Davids boldly declares to camera that she does not support abolishing ICE. She also doubles down on the claim in a Roll Call article released yesterday morning, telling reporter Bridget Bowman that "I'm not advocating that we abolish ICE or defund ICE. ... We need comprehensive immigration reform."


Yoder for Congress released an ad entitled "Can't Be Trusted" yesterday, which highlights Davids' obfuscation on her true position in favor of abolishing ICE. 


Watch "Can't Be Trusted" here: https://youtu.be/JqLbpsIFA4M



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