Yoder Calls on Davids to Disavow Notion that America Has a 'White Supremacist Immigration System'

Davids Must Explain Why She Agreed with Comments in July



Friday, August 24, 2018

Overland Park, KS- Yesterday, the Kansas City Star caught Sharice Davids in a lie about her support for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, otherwise known as ICE. Two days ago, Davids told the Star that she does not support abolishing ICE, which is responsible for enforcing our immigration laws. However, only a few short weeks ago she joined the Millennial Politics Podcast and clearly laid out her position in favor of getting rid of the agency. 


Throughout the podcast interview, the host repeatedly makes incendiary comments about America's immigration enforcement system and the agents who bravely carry out that enforcement every day. At no point does Davids push back on any of these notions, and instead she agrees with the host's assessments and lays out her beliefs on how we must do away with all immigration enforcement entirely. 


Today, Congressman Kevin Yoder is calling on Davids to disavow the radical notion that America's immigration system and the men and women who carry out its enforcement are "white supremacist." Yoder issued the following statement: 


"I've traveled to the southern border to see their work firsthand. I've met with agents putting their lives on the line every day to stop the flow of drugs and crime into our country. The notion that our system is built on white supremacy and racism is beyond the pale. My opponent must disavow these comments and explain to the voters why she agreed with them in July and why she has tried to hide her radical views on this issue until yesterday's news reports." 


Below are several excerpts from the podcast clearly illustrating Davids' point of view on immigration enforcement. 


Host at 25:28: Our current immigration system is quite literally rooted in policies and ideologies that were kicked off under the Chinese exclusion era, and I really believe they are being used in the same function now. How do you hope to dismantle this white supremacist immigration system?


Davids: Well one is starting the conversation, I mean even just what you're talking about which is what is the root of immigration policy that we're seeing playing out now. 


Host at 29:32: ICE is ... premised on the idea that it is just and correct for the United States to have an agency that is entirely dedicated to arresting, detaining, and deporting people based on their race and their immigration status. Do you support the proposal to defund ICE? 


Davids at 31:15: When the Department of Homeland Security is, one of their functions includes handling immigration issues - I view that as - there is a fundamental problem right there. We have to get away from thinking of everyone who is coming to the United States as a threat. 


Davids at 32:00: Folks are okay with us having a Department of Homeland Security being the primary adjudicator of issues related to immigration. That to me is a fundamental problem and I do think that we need to - I think there are plenty of ways that don't include ICE as an enforcement agency, you know having an enforcement agency related to immigration at the Department of Homeland Security.


Host at 32:54: And just to clarify, you do support abolishing ICE? 


Davids: I do, I would, I would support, well you asked me about defunding which I think is probably you know, essentially the same thing, you know, but yeah. 


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