Yoder for Congress Campaign Announces Women for Yoder Coalition

Today, Congressman Yoder announced the Women for Yoder coalition. The coalition consists of more than 100 women leaders in the 3rd District. Their support exemplifies Congressman Yoder's broad appeal across the district and validation of his focus to put Kansans ahead of politics as usual in Washington, D.C. Congressman Yoder has supported several bi-partisan, women focused bills since being elected, including the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. 

Congressman Kevin Yoder said the following about the Women for Yoder Coalition:

"From my 103-year-old grandmother, to my wife, Brooke and beautiful baby daughter, I understand and appreciate the strong role women play in our communities and families. They keep me focused on what matters most: good jobs, great schools and strong families. I am honored to have the support of so many influential women in the 3rd District. These women are true leaders in our community and their efforts have made Kansas a better place to live, work and raise a family."

"As former Congresswoman of this district, I know the tough job Kevin Yoder faces. His record on women's issues and his focus on making our state better for all Kansas families makes me proud to support him for his re-election this year. Congressman Yoder is grounded in the district, and his efforts to reign in government spending, to safeguard our privacy rights and protect Kansas children are further proof that he holds Kansas' future as his top priority," said former Congresswoman Jan Meyers, Honorary Chair of the Women for Yoder Coalition. 

"Congressman Yoder has been a strong voice for Kansan Women in Washington. He has a great record of bringing our values to the nation's capital by working to change politics as usual. I encourage all women and men of the Third Congressional District to support Congressman Yoder for re-election this year," said Karin Brownlee, Co-Chair of the Women for Yoder Coalition.

"Since being elected, Kevin Yoder has done an excellent job improving education for the children of the 3rd District. He was named a champion of Head Start for his work fighting for early childhood education, and has worked tirelessly to return local control of our schools to the teachers and parents of Kansas. I am proud to support Kevin Yoder once again for re-election," said Mary Birch, Co-Chair of the Women for Yoder Coalition.

The founding members of the Women for Yoder Coalition are:

Fmr. Congresswoman Jan Meyers, Honorary Chair
Mary Birch, Co-Chair
Fmr. State Sen. Karin Brownlee, Co-Chair
Liz Hochscheid
Mary Kay Culp
Roxie Armstrong
State Rep. Amanda Grosserode
Amy Falk
Anne Hodgdon
Annie Harper
Barb Thompson
Beverly Gossage
Bridget Hess
Brooke Morehead
Candy Merrill
Cathy Maxwell
Chanie Mitchell
Christi Broockerd
Cindy Cash
Cindy Green
Deb Grimes
Delores Krumme
Diana Ewy Sharp
Diane Boeger
Diane Macheers
Donna May Nebel
Doris Riley
Elisabeth Hifle
Emily Dickey
Emily Gafford
State Rep. Erin Davis
Erin Hoestje
Jan Eilert
Jawanda Mast
Jeri Bartunek
Jill Gerlach
Jody Kramer
State Sen. Julia Lynn
Kathy Delaney
Katrina Abraham
Kay Rutherford
Fmr. State Rep. Kelly Meigs
Kristin Maxwell
Kristin Smith
LeEtta Felter
Liz Nelson
Mallory Selzer
Marearl Denning
Margaret Klein
Margie Robinow
Maria Copeland
Marisel Walston
Mary Ann Powell
Mary Ann Waldenmeyer
Mary Harrison
Mary Trotter Woodridge
Melanie Kreifels
Michelle Kinzer
Missey Smith
Missy Heidrick
Monica Gfoeller
Nancy Hupp
Nancy Stark
Nikki Tygard
Noelle Caldwell
Pat Hill
Patricia Stoneking
Patty Hersh
Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn
Peggy Slaughter
Robyn Essex
Sally Bibb
Samatha Merrion
Shenon Bone
Sherry Campbell
Stephanie Meyer
Stephanie Sharp
Susan Strube
Suze Parker
Fmr. State Sen. Terrie Huntington
Terri Gravley
Theresa Segraves
Vanessa Goldsberry
Vicki Sciolaro
Vidy Metsker
State Sen. Molly Baumgardner
Amber Goering
Wyandotte County Commissioner Angela Markley
Angie Nelson
Anita Newton
Carri Person
Dorothy Hughes
Esther Huhn
Jeanne Seldner
Jennifer Seeber
Joann Imre
Judy Dowd
State Sen. Kay Wolf
Leslie Holder
Mary Cashman
Mary Frey
Mely Ballard
Millie Zirger
Sherry Hilleary
Susan Beauchaine
Susan Winter
Suzie Gibbs
Yvonne Starks
Tashayla Person
Cena Diltz
Annie Prins

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